Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another boring sunrise in Villefranche and the start of a perfect day. We went to Italy today to a huge market with all kind of stuff. The market was soooooo large that we spend almost the entire day walking the many shops. We also learned that Italian police officers do not like having their pictures taken.

We had a wonderful lunch of pasta and pizza looking over the Sea. However, the trouble started on the train ride back to Villefranche. The French labor strike caused the train to operate with limited service, and our train was packed - I mean packet. The pushing and shoving was horrible and we felt like cattle. This labor stuff is starting to get to us. I guess we are ready to come home, three weeks is a very long time. But tomorrow is our last day here in Villefranche and we intend to take it easy and rest for the trip home.

We had dinner last night with the daughter of a friend of Tom's and she has been living in Villefranche for the last 15 months. Her name is Kate and she is a very lovely woman. We enjoyed a great dinner and great company. She gave Marcella the tip on the shopping in Italy.

Another day in Villefanche................

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