Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our 1st Day

Today was our first "real" day in Paris, having slept most of Monday getting back into shape from the flight. We visited Norte Dame, my what a wonderful and large site. We toured the interior of the cathedral and took lots of pictures. After we walked the Historic Paris Walk from Rick Steves' new book. This is a old and interesting city. Dating from 250 BC to present day, Paris is truly without comparison to anywhere we have been prior. Many grand building, and parks (gardens), and many, many shops.

Tonight we are headed for the Eiffel Tower, and the surrounding area. We are eating well, and the French wine is excellent, even coming from a Sonoma County wine lover. But the best thing is the cheese. Wow, it is truly excellent. Our first batch came from Laurent Dubois and it is beyond compare.

Have met several folks from the USA, a couple from Michigan and today a lady from San Diego, who is here writing a book. Marcella and I thought she was french, but from California.

More later...........


  1. Hey Marmar and Tommy: So good to hear from you and Iam glad you're having a good time. Take lots of pictures.

  2. Oh the cheese! I am very jealous. Can't wait to hear more. Steve

  3. Day 2:

    Today we spent the entire at the Louvre Museum and we were extremely impressed by the number of pieces of art and sculptures. From early antiquities (greeks-romans-french-egyptian) there was something from everyone of the ancient world. Just to name a few were The Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, and many, many more. There were also a excellent selection of paintings, including the famous Mona Lisa. We were very surprised by the size of the work and the crowd of people trying to get a photo of the painting. We took lots of pictures and will post some tomorrow and also the Eiffel Tower and Norte Dame.

    Today was also another day of strike by French workers and this made the ride home from the Louvre very packed with folks trying to get home from work. Marcella and I were very glad that we are fairly tall and felt like sardines.

    More tomorrow.......

    Tom & Marcella

  4. Its interesting how old cities are there to have been standing where something was built so long ago 250