Friday, October 22, 2010

october 21, Versailles

Today starts off very well with a Fat Tire Bike Tour of Versailles. We find the office, get our bikes, meet other folks from, U.S. and St. Helena. We are off in Paris traffic!? No worries Ned, from South Carolina, is in charge. He has been doing this tour and others for a while. He says,
"Stay in a group, herd, pellaton, as much as possible, as we need to dominate the street." We did sort of, there were some trying moments especially for the french drivers, who had to be very patient with us. So, we get to the station and a challenge for Ned presents itself. No trains running this a.m. due to the strikes. We have to go another station that required another half hour of riding through rush hour, adrenalin pumping, Paris streets. There are bike lanes, although they are for bus and taxi as well. So we make it and have to pick up our touring bikes and haul up stairs, two flights. Finally we arrive in Versailles. Speechless at the beauty and splendor of the royal living palace, I had to take a moment to imagine and transport myself to that time period.
Lavish, Lavish, Lavish.... pictures do not do justice. We got back just fine as Ned was in communication with headquarters and found out the original train was running. The return ride on our touring bikes was much less stressful. Pat yourself on the back Ned. And us too!
All in all the day was GREAT! The weather could not have been better.

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